Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience!

What is Dealer Inside?

Dealer Inside is the future of the dealership industry. It is a revolutionary new application which lets your website visitors browse your inventory using their devices, right from the leisure of their homes. Using Dealer Inside, your potential customers can view the car live, without having to drive down all the way to your dealership.

How does Dealer Inside help my dealership?

The sole purpose of Dealer Inside is to facilitate your potential customers in the car-buying process., ultimately resulting in more sales for you. We bring back the “virtual walk-in” experience right to your showroom floor. Give your sales team the opportunity once again to leverage their talents and establish relationships with potential customers.

Does Dealer Inside help me sell more cars?

Yes, That is precisely what Dealer Inside is built for! It helps you connect one on one with your website visitors. Remember the old days when people were not so sensitive about their email addresses and your sales team could work relationships? We bring back that capability to your sales team and enable them deliver more sales.

Does Dealer Inside save me any money?

The most laborious and costly task for any dealership is to nurture website visitors that do not answer. Guess what? They don’t want to be bothered! Dealer Inside will wipe out these unnecessary follow-ups and help you save costs.  It will help you save money for your business by reducing needs for BDC or lead management companies. 

How much does Dealer Inside cost?

It costs you less than what you would make off of one car sold. We have different pricing plans depending on the volume of installations. Prices include the monthly licences, application, support and training programs chosen. Contact us to find out the right package for your dealer. We also offer an à la carte menu of skills training specifically designed to enable effective salesperson interaction with a Dealer Inside lead.

How do I buy Dealer Inside?

That is the easy part! Simply fill out the form on our order page  or contact us at or simply call us at 1-800 (657-5436) and we will send you everything you need to install Dealer Inside on your site in minutes. The email we send you includes a setup manual and a success guide to get you started. 

Dealer Inside has been a true game-changer for my business. A noticeable spike in sales within one month! Simple yet very powerful.

David Anderson
Evaluate trade-in value through Dealer Inside and close more deals