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Putting customers back in the driver’s seat!Empower your sales team & Delight your clients

of car buyers say they would avoidgoing to a car dealership alltogether if they could
Meet Dealer Inside!

Welcome to Dealer Inside

Our mission is simple; to empower your business by giving your customers what they want. Let your potential customers see the car they’re interested in via the Dealer Inside app, right from the leisure of their homes! That means more facility for potential customers and, in turn, more sales for you. Using the appointment setter in our app, users can conveniently connect with your sales team right on their smartphones. A fulfilling walk-around of the car via video chat will not only save the users time, but will also allow your sales team get back in front of the prospect and bring back that relationship opportunities, just like the old days!

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Revolutionizing the Car buying process

The upsurge in internet usage has revolutionized all walks of life, particularly marketing. This innovation in marketing has led many dealerships to figure out new ways of attracting and engaging prospects. Traditionally, dealerships try to persuade visitors landing on their website to identify themselves, and then try every marketing trick in the book until the prospect either gets convinced or repulsed. We can proudly say that those days are now gone. Say hello to Dealer Inside!  

An average Car Sales Person is busy
2-3 hours per 10 hour shift.

Empower your sales team

Is your sales staff always playing with their smartphones? How about turning those phones into valuable assets for your business? Equip those phones with the Dealer Inside app and allow your sales staff to leverage their talent when connecting one on one with your website visitors. Our “next up system” will keep them on their toes since we send your team notifications to manage the customer flow seemlessly. Time to take back control of your sales!

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